Wednesday, 5 December 2018

Good bye 2018

Room 24,
It's hard to believe that the year is over! You came to me as energetic,
joyful and clever Year 3s and now you leave as still energetic, still just as joyful and even smarter Year 4s! What a pleasure it has been to teach you this year. It makes me so happy and proud when I reflect on all that we've achieved together this year. You've helped me to become a better teacher, taught me to smile lots and not take life too seriously. Please make sure you come and say hello to me occasionally.

Parents and caregivers,
Thank you sincerely for your ongoing support and for your commitment to making your child's school experience a positive one. I have loved working with you and your child this year!

Wishing everyone a safe and happy Christmas break.
Miss B   XxX

Class Party

Our class will be having their end of year class party on Wednesday 12th December at 12:00pm. Your child will not need a packed lunch on this day. Please fill out what your child will be bringing on the table located on our classroom door. All hot food is to be brought to the classroom at 11:45pm, please no frozen food as we are unable to heat this up on the day. All food is to be brought on a small disposable plate to allow for easy clean up.
Kind Regards,
Miss B

Choir Excursion

On Wednesday, I had the pleasure of travelling with the Junior Choir  to the Donovan Senior Citizen’s Village. They sang beautifully and brought such great joy to all the residents. I was very proud of the way they conducted themselves. The kids had a great time and LOVED the morning tea!

Dance Party

Room 24 will be having their dance party at Camp Wattle Grove on Tuesday, December 11. It will commence at 9:15 and go for about an hour. The blue permission form and $2.50 bus fare need to be returned as soon as possible. Please also specify the number of adult tickets you require. Students can dress up in their party clothes on this day and can stay in them, although, are encouraged to dress comfortably. 


 Congratulations to Gazal, Layla, Tylah and Emily who all earnt a merit award at the last Senior Assembly. Also special congratulations to Indi D and Naomi for winning the Values and Science awards.

Merit Awards- Gazal, Emily, Layla & Tylah

Science Award- Naomi & Values Award- Indi D

Class Assembly

On Friday 30th Nov, Room 19 and Room 24 hosted and performed at the Senior Assembly. The poetry performance focused on the feeling that sharing and giving brings at Christmas time, which is a value our school holds dear. We even wear it on our crest!  The students created cinquain poems, exploring the Christmas theme. We certainly discovered what a celebration Christmas can be when we focus on what’s important. Wishing all our Wattle Grove Community a very, merry Christmas! 

Tuesday, 4 December 2018

Meet Rodney the Reading Elf

We have a special guest in our classroom to count down the 12 days of Christmas. Rodney the elf has brought the gift of literature to Room 24! Each day, the students have been excited to unwrap a gift and go on a new Christmas adventure.